Microbiomes Changing Food Safety Monitoring

Taylor HillmanSpecialty Crops, Technology, Tree, nut & vine crops, Vegetables, Water

Most people wouldn’t believe it if you said that IBM was linked to food security, yet that statement is absolutely true. Business development executive in IP and Licensing Research, Gary Rodrigue, talked to attendees at the Produce Marketing Associations Technology Conference last month about their microbiome project, and how it can use big data to solve some safety concerns.

Rodrigue says we have just started to explore what technology can do when it comes to agriculture, and the development of how to use big data like the genomic project can help solve many current issues including food safety.

Catching Food Safety Events Sooner

Rodrigue says the concept can be hard to understand at first; however one of his researchers used a good analogy.

How The Project Works

Rodrigue says businesses and growers can take huge hits when it comes to branding and marketing when these events happen, and the project has been proven to limit that exposure. He says they are just starting to see what this program can do and they believe it can be applied to several different aspects of the food supply chain.

Limiting Brand and Marketing Damage