Many Avocado Growers Still ‘Going By Feel’

Taylor Hillman Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops, Water

An avocado grower study in southern California has shown that a majority of producers are still judging irrigation by feel.

Still ‘Going By Feel’

UC Riverside Graduate Student Researcher Julie Escalara has been working on a trial and grower survey in avocados for several years. The trial is looking at irrigation techniques and salinity management in avocado groves, in general and during this drought. Escalara says the survey is an important component of the trial to gather industry opinions.

Escalara says they are are trying to find out what growers see as valuable for them when it comes to technology. She says their study applies that data, and tests technologies for growers. Some of the data collected in the survey showed plenty of room for improvement. Escalara says almost a majority of the participating producers showed minimal technology use when it came to irrigation practices. Escalara says when it comes to industry use of technology, everyone can be doing at least a little more.