Mandarin Crop Looks Good

Taylor Hillman Citrus, General

Mandarin Oranges
So far, so good for the San Joaquin Valley Mandarin crop, following our first bout with freezing temperatures. Mandarin growers are busy this month watching the weather and ready at moments notice to run wind machines and watering to raise the temperatures in their groves. The mercury dipped into the mid twenties in some parts of Madera down to Kern County just days ago. But so far, growers are reporting little or no damage to the low temps. Mandarins are much more susceptible to below freezing weather compared to navel oranges. Yet Mandarin growers will have to wait for two or three months before they know for sure if their crop on the edges of protected areas escaped freeze damage. Update on the crop, growers are reporting good sugar levels in Mandarins, helping to further protect it from the cold.