Making Technology More Useful

Taylor Hillman Technology

Signiture Ranch Technologies
Several trends are shifting in the agriculture technology industry. The market was flooded with new tools that coined the phrase “precision agriculture.” As new tools continued to develop, designers are starting to see a different need from consumers.

Making Technology More Useful

Another company is following the trend of molding current technology into more useful tools for growers. President and CEO of Signature Ranch Technologies, AgTech Insight and AgTech Industries, Aaron Magenheim says the mass of advanced tools that are hitting the agriculture market can be frustrating to a grower.

Magenheim says that’s the focus of his companies: taking tools that already exist and adding current technologies that growers are familiar with.

Using Smartphone Technologies

Magenheim says technology in the ag sector took off too fast and companies are now starting to simplify the current tools that are on the market. Magenheim compared ag to other industries that had a gradual evolution of technology rather than a sudden boom. Magenheim says companies are using current technologies found in smartphones and tablets to upgrade current tools and shifting how versatile the tools and information can be by making it more adaptable to other products.