Making Sense of Biologicals: Push-pull Strategy Synergistic Effect

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Making Sense of Biologicals,  push-pull

The logic behind the push-pull strategy with agricultural pests has been around for a while and is simple. You repel the insect with one product and attract them with another. However, the strategy is increasingly important when using some types of biological products.

In this episode, UF/IFAS professor of Entomology and Nematology Dr. Lukasz Stelinski discusses the push-pull technique. He said it’s traced back to the 1980s in the documentation and can increase the efficiency of products. Stelinski also notes that in some cases, including a project of his own, the tactic may be the only effective option for growers.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Lukasz Stelinski.

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