Making Sense of Biologicals: Protecting Grape Pruning Wounds From Disease

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Making Sense of Biologicals,  Grape Pruning

Grape pruning is something growers do every season. It’s a natural part of producing healthy grapes. Growers also know that the wounds created by that pruning can become a big issue down the road. UC Cooperative Extension Specialist and Plant Pathologist at UC Davis Dr. Akif Eskalen said one of the best ways growers can keep grapevine trunk diseases out of their vines is protecting those grape pruning wounds.

Eskalen and his team started to look at biological options compared to chemical controls for growers to apply after pruning. He said in the lab setting the biological options, such as beneficial bacteria, did very well in comparison and has now prompted an in-field study to test all of the products in a real-life setting.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Akif Eskalen.

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