Making Sense of Biologicals: Hoop House Example of Spider Mite Control

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Making Sense of Biologicals,  spider mite

Twospotted spider mite can be a significant issue when populations get large enough. However, in several cropping systems, biological control is attainable as long as growers have the right beneficial insects in the field.

This episode of the Making Sense of Biologicals campaign welcomes Kansas State University Professor and Extension Specialist Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd back to the show. Dr. Cloyd worked with a hoop house tomato producer several years ago to try and tackle his spider mite issue. He said the producer started releasing a predatory mite that specifically feeds on twospotted spider mite and the results were immediately impressive.

Dr. Cloyd said the grower now releases the beneficial insect as “an insurance program” and rarely has to worry about spider mites in his tomatoes.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Raymond Cloyd.

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