Making Sense of Biologicals: Entomopathogenic Fungi Mythbusting

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Making Sense of Biologicals, Entomopathogenic Fungi

Do entomopathogenic fungi based products have a shorter shelf life? Because it is a fungus, can you use a fungicide in conjunction with these products? Growers still have many unknowns when it comes to several biological products, especially these beneficial fungi.

In this episode, UC Cooperative Extension Specialist Dr. Surendra Dara helps us answer some of the questions about entomopathogenic fungi. Dara said there are several regular misconceptions about the products, including how long the products take to work. He said the innovation over the last several years had answered a lot of those questions.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Surendra Dara.

‘Making Sense of Biologicals’ is a series from AgNet West that dives into various topics with unbiased experts in the field of biologics to help the industry better understand the product category.

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