Making Sense of Biologicals: Biopesticides Not Immune to Resistance Issues

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Biopesticides are not free from resistance concerns. Like any other product, using too much or relying on one mode of action will always increase the chances of pests developing resistance.

In this episode of the Making Sense of Biologicals campaign, UC Cooperative Extension Entomology and Biologics Advisor Dr. Surendra Dara joins the program to discuss how resistance happens with biopesticides. Dara gives examples of different types of products and how the insects adapt.

Although it’s believed that resistance build-up is slower with biological products, Dara said that is a false blanket-statement and some modes of action can actually be faster that conventional products. Dara said like any good product, biopesticides need to be used as another tool in a good integrated pest management system.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Surendra Dara.

‘Making Sense of Biologicals’ is a series from AgNet West that dives into various topics with unbiased experts in the field of biologics to help the industry better understand the product category.

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