Making it Easier to Donate Excess Food

Taylor Hillman Fruits & Vegetables, Specialty Crops, Vegetables

Donate excess Food
Some new changes make it easier for producers to donate excess food to a program that helps alleviate hunger and gives them a tax break.

California farmers have the opportunity to donate food to the needy and get a tax credit in return. The state has extended a tax incentive for farmers who donate food to food banks, and made an important change to the rule. While it used to be based on cost, the incentive is now 15 percent of wholesale value.

CEO of Feeding America San Diego, Al Brislain, said the new method should make it easier for the farmer. “Farmers hate to see things go to waste,” Brislain said. “But when your asking them to take all these extra steps to make sure that we are getting wholesome, nutritious products in an efficient way, that costs them money. It takes time and effort. They are willing to do that but we can help offset that and that makes it better for everybody.”

Brislain said he’s seen a lot of support for the donation programs from the farming industry.