Maintaining Three Main “Food Groups” for Healthy Plants

Dan Soil, This Land of Ours

The best food for your house plants. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


To keep your plants happy and healthy, you must remember to feed them. And, the right diet can mean the difference between a plant that thrives or a plant that dies.  If you have a flourishing indoor garden, you know that plants need three main “food groups,” consisting of soil, water, and sun.

Plants will soak up all the nutrients maybe every six months or so, so it’s recommended that plants be repotted once or twice a year so that they have plenty of room to spread out. This also ensures that there are lots of nutrients in the soil. A little fertilizer can also support growth but doesn’t need to be added as frequently.

The best houseplant food depends on who you ask. Some experts support that establishing the correct blend of soil and fertilizer (and timing application correctly) is necessary for growth. Others are purists who leave the plant food mixes found at a gardening center on the shelf, in favor of more natural options—or they simply by creating the best possible environment for their plants.

Ultimately, the best food for your plants is the sun, soil, and water.

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