Lows Remain Beneficial for Busy Citrus Growers

Dan Citrus


California citrus growers were busy the last few nights on freeze-watch but most reports are that the experienced low temperatures are beneficial. The Central Valley saw overnight lows drop into the 28 to 29-degree range the last few nights and Ventura County was even lower. California Citrus Mutual said in a release that cloud cover helped the Central Valley stay a little warmer than Ventura County who dropped down around 24 to 25 degrees. Growers around the state deployed all of their freeze mitigation practices that include irrigating orchards and running wind machines. CCM reminded in their release that a two to four-degree change can make all the difference when temperatures are hovering around critical levels.

Last weekends temperatures were a few degrees higher than the last few nights, but CCM said the experienced low temperatures seem to have remained beneficial for the industry. Cooler temperatures can promote fruit flavor and quality, and can keep the fruit on the tree longer which helps manage supply. CCM said on Monday that following a very hot summer and a mild winter so far, the cooler temperatures are a welcomed change.

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