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Local Food Marketing Practices

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USDA Releases Data on Local Food Marketing Practices.

Food Marketing
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More than 147,000 American farms produced and sold food locally through direct marketing practices, resulting in $9 billion in revenue during 2020. The Local Food Marketing Practices data released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service covers both fresh and value-added foods, such as meat and cheese.

More than 40,000 farms sold food directly to institutions and intermediaries and brought in the most revenue at $4.1 billion. Farms with direct-to-consumer sales like on-farm stores and farmers’ markets earned $2.9 billion in revenue. Direct-to-retail sales earned $1.9 billion for more than 24,000 farms nationwide. California led the states in total direct food sales at $1.4 billion, followed by Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Maine in the top five. Texas led the U.S. in the number of farms selling directly to consumers with almost 8,000. California was the top state in direct-to-consumer sales’ earnings at $284 million. Most direct-to-consumer sales took place at outlets like on-farm stores.

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Local Food Marketing Practices

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