Learn About Ag Starter Kit Gets Tools in Teachers Hands

Taylor Hillman General

Robin Hillman, a third-grade teacher from Clovis, opens her Learn About Ag starter kit from the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. These kits are free and ship right to your door while funding is available and aim to get teachers everything they need to involve agriculture in their everyday school standards. The kits include ready-made lessons, tons of information about crops, visuals for students, and hands-on experiment plans. Request for a kit of your own while supplies last.

Already have a Learn About Ag kit and need more? A lot of the resources in the box are available free online. The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom states, “We provide a variety of resources to teachers, after-school coordinators, and anyone educating students in grades K-12. You can download the resources, or order a set at no cost.” Find all of the information on their website.