Managing Leaf Footed Bug in Winter

Taylor HillmanSpecialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Leaf Footed Bug

Courtesy: UCANR

Almond growers with surrounding pomegranate crops need to be concerned of those orchards harboring leaf footed bug aggregations.

Managing Leaf Footed Bug

Leaf footed bug populations are reemerging in California as serious pests to the almond industry. Cooperative Extension Integrated Pest Management Advisor Kris Tollerup says the bug can overwinter in neighboring crops like citrus and pomegranates.

Winter Habits
Research is still trying to determine what the bug does in winter citrus but Tollerup says their actions in pomegranates are well defined. “It’s extremely important if the fruit is on the tree, there will be huge aggregations on that fruit on the tree. If it’s knocked on the ground, they’ll still aggregate on that fruit on the ground.”

Good Sanitation is Key
Tollerup says getting rid of unharvested fruit, not only from the trees but on the ground as well, is an important part of a pest management system. “It’s very important then that the fruit that are not harvested are knocked onto the ground, taken out from tree rows and disced under because those leaf footed bug will take advantage of those rotting fruit in the tree rows and I have seen them on them all the way into May.”