Experts to Speak at Upcoming Field Days

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Top agricultural advisors and specialists in the state’s cotton, alfalfa and almond industries will discuss current issues affecting these crops and offer valuable pest management and production tips to San Joaquin Valley growers at field days in Fresno and Los Banos this month.

The first event, which focuses on the state’s $2.7 billion almond industry, is scheduled for Thursday, July 19 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Rushing Ranch, 11599 W. Shaw Ave., Fresno. The line-up of speakers:

· Walt Bentley, a leading entomologist and almond specialist with the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, discussing late-season consideration for insect and mite management in almonds.

· David Doll, Merced County UC Cooperative Extension pomologist and author of the popular Almond Doctor blog, focusing on post-harvest practices to reduce disease and pest issues. He also will offer tips about increasing tree productivity and managing water at harvest.

Cotton and alfalfa will be highlighted in the second field day on Tuesday, July 24 from 10 a.m. to noon at Bowles Farming, the intersection of Hereford and Bisignani roads, in Los Banos. Three speakers:

· UC IPM Advisor Dr. Pete Goodell, focusing on insects and pests in alfalfa and cotton-managing the crop through mid-season.

· UCCE Fresno farm advisor and cotton specialist Dan Munk, discussing cotton crop development and its impact on pest management.

· UCCE and UC Davis alfalfa specialist Dan Putnam, talking about current issues affecting IPM in alfalfa.

The two events are free and open to the community. Directions are available in the events section of the Sustainable Cotton Project’s website Two hours of continuing education credits have been applied for at each of the meetings.

The field days are sponsored by the San Joaquin Sustainable Farming Project, a state and federally funded program under the direction of the Sustainable Cotton Project, a California nonprofit that has worked with Valley growers to produce environmentally friendly Cleaner Cotton™ for the consumer market. For more information contact project Director Marcia Gibbs at (530) 370-5325.