Selections Made for California Agricultural Leadership Program

Taylor Hillman General

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Twenty-four individuals have been selected for Class 47 of the California Agricultural Leadership Program, an advanced leadership development experience for emerging agricultural leaders. The new fellows will be inaugurated into the program on Oct. 6 at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

Through dynamic seminars during an intensive 17-month program, fellows will study leadership theory, effective communication, motivation, critical and strategic thinking, change management, emotional intelligence and complex social and cultural issues.

Seminars are delivered by four partner universities: Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Fresno State and UC Davis. Fellows will participate in 55 seminar days, including an eight-day national travel seminar and a 15-day international travel seminar.

“We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have such knowledgeable Ag Leadership alumni participate in this selection process,” said Barry Bedwell, president of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF). “By all indications and thanks to those efforts, Class 47 represents another outstanding example of individuals eager to further their leadership development so they can make a positive difference for California agriculture.”

CALF invests approximately $55,000 per fellow to participate in the program, which is underwritten by individual and industry donations. Ag Leadership is considered to be one of the premier leadership programs in the United States. Since it was first delivered in 1970, more than 1,200 men and women have participated in the program and have become influential leaders and active volunteers in the agriculture industry and other areas.


Class 47 Fellows:

Kevin Antongiovanni

Tom Barrios

Jared Britschgi

Casey Creamer

Chris Drew

Ted Grether

Randi Gwilliam

John Hay

Hans Herkert

Stuart Hoetger

Nadav Ichaki

Tucker Knutz

Brad Koehn

Jenny Lester Moffitt

Hunter Lindemann

John McKeon

Jason Miller

Darrin Monteiro

Matt Patton

Brad Reinhart

Jill Scofield

Matt Stornetta

Doug Thomas

Kiran Toor