Latest Data Shows California Farm Receipts Increased in 2021

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In a recent report, California farm receipts are shown to have increased 3.6 percent in 2021. Production statistics from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) indicate the state’s farms and ranches received $51.1 billion in cash receipts for their output. CDFA notes that California produces more than one-third of the country’s vegetables and three-quarters of the country’s fruits and nuts.

California Farm Receipts

Of the more than 400 commodities produced in California, the most valuable commodity in 2021 was dairy products and milk, valued at $7.57 billion. Grapes and almonds were also among the top three, at $5.23 billion and $5.03 billion, respectively. Cattle and calves were valued at $3.11 billion, and the top-five list was rounded out by strawberries valued at $3.02 billion. CDFA also notes that pistachios were valued at $2.91 billion, followed by lettuce with a value of $2.03. Walnuts valued at $1.02 billion and rice at $1.00 billion both made it back into the top 10 list for 2021. The figures are based on numbers published on September 1, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

The top 10 agricultural commodities list for California is updated every September. A comprehensive report of ag statistics for the 2021 crop year will be made available in early 2023 when the California Agricultural Statistics Review is published. Reports detailing agricultural exports and organic sales data for 2021 will also be released early next year.

California farm receipts also led the nation in 2020 at $49.1 billion, with the dairy industry again being the largest contributor. Agricultural exports in 2020 totaled $20.8 billion, a decline of more than four percent from the year prior. Export data is compiled by the University of California, Davis. Organic product sales had significant growth in 2021. Sales increased more than 14 percent, totaling nearly $12 billion.

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