Landscaping with Moss Adds to Your Garden

Dan This Land of Ours


It’s time to dress up your garden. Cathy Isom has good tips for you about landscaping with moss.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

If you want to add a touch of fairy tale to your garden and homestead, then you should consider landscaping with moss.

Moss is an ancient, beautiful member of the plant family. It can be the perfect plant for compacted, water-logged, or shady parts of your property.  Moss is not like the other plants you grow in a garden. Unlike most plants, it doesn’t have roots at all. That means it does not take moisture and nutrients from the soil through a vascular system the way that all your fruits and vegetables do. Instead, moss gets water from precipitation and humidity. Plus it gets nutrients from the air, water, and all the dust particles that settle on it through natural processes. 

You can purchase moss in flats and rolls similar to other ground cover plants. The advantage of this method is that once you roll your moss out, water it, and walk on it; it will look like moss has been growing in your landscape forever. If you want instant impact with minimal work, this is the way to go. 

On the downside, buying moss that is ready to plant can be expensive.  If you want to install moss for less cost, making a moss slurry is the way to go. Making a moss slurry is quite simple. Just mix a handful of moss with a cup of a suitable liquid base and pulse together in a blender or food processor. It creates a liquid that you can use to paint onto rocks or pour over soil surfaces.

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