Key Elements to Perk Up a Bleak Winter Garden

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How to perk up a bleak winter garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

If you’re wanting to bring more life to your garden during the cold months in winter, consider these key elements:  Focal Points, Color and Structure, and Fragrance.

Focal points include sculpture, garden structures, such as ponds or arbors, boulders or containers.

For a splash of winter color, consider going evergreen.  A bare deciduous tree against a curtain of green brings structure and style to almost any planting.

Fragrant plants in the winter can be a pleasant treat.  For example, witch hazel has a sweet fragrance, regardless of how cold the temperature. And, there are yellow and orange varieties available. Sweet box infuses a pleasant vanilla scent to the air and produces black berries that provide additional color and pizzazz.

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Key Elements to Perk Up a Bleak Winter Garden