kern county crop report

Kern County 2015 Crop Report

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kern county crop report
Ruben J. Arroyo, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures, submitted the 2015 Kern County Crop Report to Kern County Board of Supervisors and Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Letter submitted by Arroyo with the Crop Report.

It is my pleasure to submit the 2015 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report. This annual report presents statistical information on acreage, yield and gross values of Kern County agricultural products in accordance with Sections 2272 and 2279 of the Food and Agricultural Code. The figures in this report represent only gross values and do not take into account the costs of production, marketing, transportation, or other ancillary costs. No attempt is made to reflect net income or loss to the producers of these commodities.

Ruben Arroyo Kern County

Ruben Arroyo
Kern County

The 2015 gross value of all agricultural commodities produced in Kern County is $6,878,823,690. This represents a decrease (9%) from the 2014 crop value ($7,552,323,690).

The top five commodities for 2015 are Grapes, Almonds, Citrus, Milk and Cattle & Calves, which make up more than $4.6 Billion (67%) of the Total Value; with the top twenty commodities making up more than 80% of the Total Value.

The 2015 Kern County Crop Report can be found here. Visit the Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards website:

I would like to thank all the members of the Agriculture and Measurement Standards staff who helped with the compilation and preparation of this report, especially Cerise Montanio and Ella Pike, Agricultural Biologist/Inspectors, and Glenn Fankhauser, Assistant Director. Most of all, I extend my thanks and appreciation to all of the agricultural producers, contributing organizations and those individuals who provided the necessary information for this report.