‘Keep Management Local’ Still Focus for SGMA

Taylor HillmanDrought, Water

Keep Management Local
California has about a year left to get all of the water management entities in place for the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and experts say the need to keep management local still resonates

Keep Management Local

California Farm Water Coalition Executive Director Mike Wade gave an update on where the state stands with the timelines attached to SGMA. “There is about a year to go for the formation of the groundwater sustainability administrations at the local level, and then they will have until 2020 to adopt local plan,” Wade says. “There’s still plenty of time ahead of us for people to be involved, but not so much that we shouldn’t be paying attention. At the local level, find out who is working to develop those local agencies, get involved and have your voice heard.”

Wade stresses the need to get involved and not wait until the last minute. He says the best-case scenario involves these local groups managing the water needs they are familiar with. “Management has to stay at the local level,” Wade says. “Without local input there is potential that the state water board could impose its will, through authorization in the act, to manage groundwater beyond what you might have done, that’s sustainable at the local level. It makes sense to be involved; let your voice be heard and help manage future supply.”