Iowa-Beeler's Pork label

Iowa Processor Introduces “Non-GMO” Pork

Dan General

Beelers pork Iowa
A processing company in Iowa last week launched a new line of pork products under the brand name Heluka that “addresses consumer concerns around animal welfare and clean-label foods.” Meatingplace reports Beeler’s Inc. non-GMO marketed pork is derived from sows housed in deep-bedded pens, as opposed to gestation stalls, and the animals are fed vegetarian non-GMO diets, as certified by the NON GMO project. They are also raised without being administered any antibiotics and are not fed ractopamine, according to the processing company. Beeler’s is a six-generation family operation with nationwide distribution. The Heluka-brand pork will be available through select retailers and restaurants.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.