Indoor Farms Creates Optimal Environment

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Indoor Farms of America Makes Aeroponic System Public at World Ag Expo

Indoor Farms of America was at the 2016 World Ag Expo showing its vertical aeroponic farm system. CEO Dave Martin showed AgNet West how the system maximizes space and creates an optimal environment to grow food like herbs, leafy greens and possibly strawberries.

Indoor Farm Panel

Aeroponic System Goes Public

From Indoor Farms of America: After nearly 2 years of design and redesigning workshops, growing thousands of crop plants from seed to maturity, IP Patent processing, device mold construction, and first production runs we are pleased to announce full production status on our game-changing crop growing equipment.

The comments the company receives from each visitor to their showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada provide the evidence that the nearly 2 years spent developing the equipment yielded a product worthy of owning and operating. One buyer, Greg Boudreau, recently stated “We visited every manufacturer of indoor farms that can operate in a shipping container, and we found the GrowTruck technology to really be superior. They provide over double the functional growing capacity of the nearest competitor in the same space, and the price was far more attractive on a comparative basis.” Find out more from Indoor Farms of America.