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Indonesia Planning to Stop Corn Imports by 2018 or Sooner

DanCorn, Industry News Release

Indonesia corn imports
Indonesia plans to halt imports of corn by 2018 “at the latest,” according to the country’s agriculture minister. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports Indonesia’s government is working to boost domestic production of corn as part of its broad goal of food self-sufficiency. The ag minister says up to seven million hectares—or 17.3 million acres—of land would be needed for the country to be self-sufficient in corn production, versus the 4.4 million hectares it currently plants to the grain. Indonesia’s government has restricted imports of corn in recent years, which has boosted its imports of wheat as an alternative for feed. Indonesia imported 3.5 million metric tons of corn in 2013-14 before the restrictions took effect, and the country has purchased around only 800,000 metric tons of corn this year.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.