Immigration Principles Unveiled by House Republicans

Taylor HillmanGeneral

House Republican leaders have unveiled their immigration reform principles. The plan would require tighter border security, more interior immigration enforcement and allow undocumented immigrants to get right with the law and stay in the country. House Speaker John Boehner reportedly told Republicans at their annual retreat that the plan is to address the issue in a step-by-step, common sense fashion that starts with securing the nation’s borders and enforcing the nation’s laws. Boehner said he will not support a special path to citizenship for the 12-million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. like the Senate’s bill does. But the Republican principles do back citizenship for those who came illegally if they meet certain conditions. In response – New York Senator Charles Schumer said the standards – though not everything Senate Democrats would agree with – leave a real possibility Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate can in some way come together and pass immigration reform that both sides can accept. He admitted it’s a long, hard road – but said the door is open.