HungerU Displays the Role of Agriculture in Combatting Hunger

Brian German General

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HungerU is an initiative put on by the Farm Journal Foundation that works to raise awareness about food insecurity and hunger on universities across the United States.  California State University Fresno was the first campus in California for the HungerU mobile educational exhibit, which will continue traveling through the state with stops at UC Davis, UCLA, UC Riverside, and others.

HungerUPublic Relations Crew Member for HungerU Cheyenne Edmundson told AgNet West that outreach on college campuses is important because “we really want to inform students that maybe don’t have experience with agriculture…we just really want to promote awareness of hunger and food insecurity and how agriculture can really be a solution to that.”

The exhibit offers multiple platforms to take part in a six-question challenge that helps to educate while simultaneously raising money to address hunger needs in local communities. Thanks to sponsors like the National Corn Growers Association, Growmark, and Farm Journal Media, “for every challenge taken, they’ll donate money equivalent to one meal, to the food pantry we select at each university we go to,” Edmundson explained.

Another feature of the challenge is that it allows participants to send a letter to local congressman emphasizing the importance of addressing hunger and food insecurity.  Setting up the exhibit on college campuses is a way to let students know “they can make an impact and they have a voice and those policymakers do listen to it.  The more letters that get sent, the more they’ll take notice of it,” said Edmundson.

One the biggest components to combatting food insecurity is agricultural production.  The development of more efficient production techniques and continued technological progress are important factors in tackling hunger on a global scale.  Edmundson expressed her gratitude for the Cooperative Extension programs throughout the country working towards agricultural advances, “I just think Extension is just this really valuable resource that we’re very fortunate to have here in the United States.”

The 10-week tour that began at the Minnesota State Fair will ultimately conclude at the 90th National FFA Convention and Expo being held in Indianapolis later this month.

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Cheyenne Edmundson