Huanglongbing Disease Spread and Characteristics

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huanglongbing disease
Huanglongbing disease can spread really quick across California’s citrus industry, just ask the state of Florida. Mike Irey with Southern Gardens Citrus in Florida spoke at a HLB technology summit in California, showing growers how fast the disease can spread and how it isn’t limited to how far an Asian citrus psyllid can fly.

Spread and Characteristics

Huanglongbing (HLB) disease has hit Florida hard over the last 5 years and researchers are looking at everything to find cures for the disease. Irey says they have seen some success by treating the trees really well with nutrient programs and many other growers have seen the same. He said it was challenging at first as growers didn’t see a big impact from infected trees in the first 2 years and if or when it spreads in California that some growers might see an increase in production, but that won’t last.