How to Spot Asian Citrus Psyllids

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With the discovery of hundreds of Asian citrus psyllids in Dinuba, ag officials in Tulare and Fresno counties are working hard to get information out about what to look for in both commercial trees and those planted by homeowners. Sabrina Hill has more.
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Fresno County Agriculture Commissioner Les Wright says the Dinuba find was significant because it shows a breeding population of psyllids.

He points out it is sometimes difficult for homeowners with citrus trees to spot the psyllid on their trees, and they need to look very closely at new growth. He says there’s another citrus pest which is often confused with Asian citrus psyllid, called the citrus leafminer.

He says the citrus leafminer is larger than the Asian citrus psyllid and leaves a trail of damage while the psyllid does not. There’s another difference to look for as well. The Asian citrus psyllid often has a white or yellowish wax-like substance.

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