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House Infrastructure Vote Likely This Week

Brian GermanLegislative, Radio Reports


It’s a busy week in Washington, D.C., with a tight deadline for continuing resolutions and the U.S. debt ceiling, along with a planned infrastructure vote in the House of Representatives. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had promised an infrastructure vote by Monday, but told House members late last week the debate would begin early in the week, with a likely vote on Thursday.

The infrastructure package passed the Senate in August, which will help fund road, bridge, water infrastructure and other projects. Pelosi told Reuters over the weekend, “We are now working together with the Senate and the White House on changes to this historic legislation.” Pelosi said she would not bring the infrastructure bill to a vote until she was sure it would pass, but expressed confidence about its prospects. Some House Democrats have threatened to vote against the bill, instead favoring the larger $3.5 trillion version of the bill.

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House Infrastructure Vote Likely This Week