Hot Dog and Sausage Ingredients

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ingredientsCathy Isom fills us in about how to tell what those ingredients really mean when it comes to your favorite hot dog or sausage. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Hot Dog and Sausage Ingredients

Hot dogs are among America’s most popular foods, but they’re also somewhat of a mystery. Especially if you’ve ever taken a moment to read the ingredient label on the package. And consumer surveys indicate that many hot dog lovers aren’t sure how they are made and why some ingredients included on the label are used. Hot dogs come in several different varieties to appeal to so many different tastebuds. Ingredients added to meat and poultry in a hot dog recipe can add flavor, keep hot dogs moist and juicy and delay spoilage, and perhaps most importantly…provide food safety. With so many different hot dog manufacturers, flavor profiles and even nutritional goals, each uses slightly different types and amounts of ingredients. But these ingredients may seem like a foreign language – unless you have taken a food science course. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council recently created the Hot Dog Ingredients Guide, available on their website:  hot-dog dot org. It’s a valuable resource explaining the ingredients and terms found on the hot dog and sausage packaging.

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