A ‘Hot’ Addition to Medley Packaging

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The medley produce packaging trend is continuing and the newest addition seen in stores has some spice.

Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley
Courtesy of Jacobs Farm Del Cabo

Combination packs, also known as medleys, have proven to be popular with consumers over the last few years. More products are being sold in such a way like multi-colored potatoes, bell peppers, and carrots. Consumers can now find a medley of hot peppers in stores. Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley is a new product from Central Coast growers  Jacobs Farm Del Cabo. The pack includes a variety of hot peppers that range in colors and includes habaneros, Brazilian starfish, serranos, and others. 

Meant as more of a sample pack for consumers, Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Marketing Manager Kyla Oberman said in a release, “This new pack provides those home chefs an ideal mix of medium-to-hot peppers to use in their culinary creations.” According to a 2017 consumer trend survey, 48% of US consumers prepare spicy foods at home and 43% order on the ‘hot’ side of the menu when dining out.

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A ‘Hot’ Addition to Medley Packaging
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