HLB-Positive Psyllid Detected in LA County

Taylor Hillman Citrus, Specialty Crops

Trap in citrus tree for ACP
The Citrus Pest Disease and Prevention Program (CPDPP) reports an HLB-positive Asian citrus psyllid has been found during routine trapping in southern California.

From the CPDPP’s website Citrus Insider: The California Department of Food and Agriculture has detected huanglongbing (HLB) in an Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) captured live through routine monitoring in the area of Los Angeles County currently under quarantine for the disease. The HLB-positive psyllid was collected from a lemon tree that has repeatedly tested negative for the disease. All host material around the find site has been tested and is also negative for the disease. The residence falls well within the Hacienda Heights quarantine area. Extensive inspection, sampling and processing of plant samples have not yet detected a disease-positive tree in the area.

The threat posed by HLB cannot be overstated – this disease must be found and eradicated as soon as possible. Therefore, California Department of Food and Agriculture will continue extensive surveying in the area. No additional regulatory action will take place unless a diseased tree is found. Until then, CDFA will work closely with the Los Angeles County agricultural commissioner’s office and local residents to manage Asian citrus psyllid populations in the area and eradicate any HLB-positive trees as soon as possible. More information will be shared as it is available.

Find more about the pest and disease at Citrusinsider.org.