Hiding Things in the Garden Less Pleasing to the Eye

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How to hide some things in the garden that are less pleasing to the eye.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


There are some aspects of your garden that you’d really like to stand out and others that you’d like to hide. Flowers, vegetables, statues, and water features are stars of the show. Garden hoses and drip irrigation lines, however, tend to stand out in a less-than-stellar way. The solution to this is color camoflage.

For example, if you plan on placing surface drip lines on dark earth—like the rich organic compost you’ll use in vegetable gardens—get yourself a few brown or black hoses. If the hoses are already in place, you can create a mottled effect on rubber hoses with acrylic spray paints. Another approach is to buy clear garden hoses. Although they can be a bit pricier than standard rubber hoses, they have the benefit of melding into whatever landscape background they’re placed against. As an added bonus, you can also easily see if they get clogged.

Other ways to hide irrigation lines or hoses is by covering them with mulch, or burying them, running them underneath raised beds, and using outdoor furniture to hide them inside or underneath.

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Hiding Things in the Garden Less Pleasing to the Eye