Heritage Foundation Slams Farm Bill

DanGeneral, Industry News Release

The Heritage Foundationheritage-foundation last week released its most sweeping critique of U.S. agriculture policy, according to Politico. The foundation called on Congress to revamp its approach to crop insurance, food stands, renewable fuels and trade. The 148-page report calls on Congress to eliminate the Renewable Fuels Standard along with trade-stifling tariffs and tariff rate quotas. The report also criticizes Congress for subsidizing cotton producers, a move the Foundation says opens the U.S. to World Trade Organization disputes, and for acting slowly to stop country of origin labeling for meat. While Politico reports many of the suggestions may never be realized, the report could influence some conservative members of Congress to eliminate support for farmers to balance the budget. Agriculture leaders in the House and Senate insist the current Farm Bill will not be reopened, and consideration of the next Farm Bill are sometime in 2017.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.