Hemp Production Regulations Gearing Up for New Year

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Infrastructure for industrial hemp production is on its way. The California Department of Food and Agriculture has officially announced proposed regulations for a new industrial hemp industry that can form at the beginning of 2019. The regulation suggests that registrations last one-year, separate registration for each county someone wants to grow in and a $900 application fee. The proposal also states that registrations need to be renewed every year.

CDFA has posted the proposed regulation, and there is an open comment period until December 24. CDFA said once those comments are collected and considered, they will make any adjustments needed and move to finalize the process. At that point, County Agricultural Commissioners can start accepting applications for commercial production. Industrial hemp is a new opportunity for producers in the state, as it’s only allowed now if a producer is working with a research institution.

Hemp Production Regulations Gearing Up for New Year

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