Heliae Joins the Celebration of 1,000 Episodes of Farm City Newsday

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Heliae Agriculture is joining the month-long celebration of the Farm City Newsday podcast’s 1,000th episode. The company has partnered with AgNet West in providing $5,000 worth of their product PhycoTerra as part of a series of giveaways. Heliae specializes in the production of microalgae that is applied to ag products that can help improve soil conditions.


“We use that microalgae to feed the soil microbiome,” said Dr. Karl Wyant, Vice President of Ag Sciences for Heliae. “Think of it as a food source for your bacteria and for your fungi. When you feed those soil organisms, you wake them up and you put them to work in your soil so that they can start this cascade of events where they’re improving soil health, they’re improving soil quality, and your crops going to benefit along the way.”

The PhycoTerra product line has proven to be successful in a variety of different crops all around the world. Wyant said that focusing on the biological component of the soil has been the key to improving crop conditions. The biological and biostimulant sector has been growing in recent years as growers look for innovative solutions to a variety of issues. Wyant explained that it is important for farmers to get accurate information when news tools become available.

“Partnerships between Farm City Newsday – in having that reputation for providing vetted and good information – and Heliae who’s bringing information that has a scientific basis,” Wyant noted, “we can bring that trust and get it out into the broader ag community and really help folks understand what we bring is real and what we bring can be trusted as well.”

Industry members are encouraged to join in the celebration of the 1,000th episode of the Farm City Newsday podcast. Below are the Facebook and Twitter posts that producers need to use for entry. All you have to do is tag a friend who is involved in commercial agriculture in the comments and then share/re-tweet the post. A winner will be drawn every Friday through March 19.

Listen to the interview below.

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