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Haynet, the free service connecting Livestock producers and farmers impacted by recent natural disasters. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

This Land of Ours – Haynet

December’s Goliath blizzard in parts of New Mexico and Texas included high mortality.  And in some cases, a loss of available hay or grazing land for feed.

But there’s hope, thanks to the USDA’s  internet based program – Haynet – which is helping impacted Livestock producers and forage growers connect.

“Haynet might come in handy for folks in Texas and other parts of the state that can post their ads online and make sure that connections are made with folks who have been impacted by those cattle losses in the panhandle. Haynet is just a good way for them to take advantage of a free public service offered by the farm service agency in addition to the other safety net programs that we offer.”

Farm Service Agency Administrator Val Dolcini says Haynet and its companion internet-based ad service Grazing Net allow producers and landowners to share ads, have or need hay ads, or with grazing net, land available or grazing land needed advertisements

“we’re not endorsing any one grower over another we are simply offering a way for livestock producers and landowners to make sure if they need hay or if they  have access hay there’s a way to dispose of that appropriately.”

The web address for both hay net and grazing net is www.fsa.usda.gov/haynet