Handling Raw Chicken – Part Two

Taylor Hillman Poultry, This Land of Ours

handling raw meat and poultry
Want some tips for safely handling raw meat and poultry before it comes home from the store? Cathy Isom has you covered in This Land of Ours.

When it comes handling store bought chicken safely, we now know it’s best not to wash it before we cook it because we’re more likely to spread bacteria all over our kitchen if we do. United States Department of Food and Agriculture Safety Specialist Marianne Gravely also points out another important precautions we can take before bringing poultry home from the grocery store.

When you’re shopping many stores provide plastic bags at the meat counter, take advantage of those if you’re buying meat or poultry, slip them in that plastic bag.

Because bagging raw poultry products protects other foods in your basket from getting cross- contaminated with bacteria. Our main concern is that you know bacteria in the juices from a product might get on fresh produce that you might take home and eat. Another great tip to help prevent food contamination, remember to wash the reusable bags that you take to the store with you, often, using hot water and soap.