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Growth Energy Launches Bus Tour Promoting E15

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The summer ban on E15 sales in select areas ended over the weekend as Growth Energy launched a campaign to promote E15 and higher blended fuels.

growth energyAs part of their campaign, Growth Energy is launching a bus tour to rally support for quick action on the president’s promise to unleash E15 ethanol blends. Over the next few months, the bus will appear at Midwest gatherings, including last weekend’s Cattle Congress in Waterloo, Iowa.

E15 is already sold in 30 states at least eight months out of the year. However, due to federal regulations, E15 cannot be sold in the summer months. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says allowing sales year-round of E15 and higher blends helps farmers by increasing domestic markets and gives farmers “more certainty because of increased demand for their grain.”

President Trump has repeatedly made clear he would like to end restriction on access to E15 year-round. However, action has yet to be taken to remove the barrier.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.