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Growth Energy Welcomes Congressional Support for Year-Round E15

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor thanks the 24 members of the House Biofuels Caucus for sending a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking them to approve year-round E15 and support the Renewable Fuels Standard. The letter also calls for the agency to “put an end” to the secretive refinery waivers that have “hurt farmers and the growth of ethanol.”

growth energySkor says her group is deeply grateful for rural champions who stand united behind a strong RFS and are fighting for better, more affordable options at the fuel pump. “It’s vital that the EPA uphold President Trump’s commitment to American biofuels and immediately tear down outdated regulatory barriers against the summertime sale of E15,” Skor says. “Opening the market to year-round competition will help to revitalize farm income and restore growth in rural communities hit hardest by the agricultural downturn.”

Growth Energy recently launched a Midwestern bus tour called E15 Now that will carry that same message to events throughout the region.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.