Growth Energy Comments on EPA CVR Waiver

Dan Biofuels/Energy, Biotechnology, Industry News Release

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted an undisclosed waiver to CVR, a refinery owned by Carl Icahn, allowing the company to bypass its biofuel obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard. The move, which is one of several, has angered the ethanol industry.

growth energyGrowth Energy CEO Emily Skor points out the political ties between the Trump Administration and Icahn, as “Icahn interviewed Scott Pruitt for the job.” EPA administrator Pruitt told reporters last week that the EPA is following statute regarding RFS waivers. But, the move to grant a waiver to CVR means “Icahn stands to make millions more from an EPA handout,” according to Growth Energy.

Icahn has been under the microscope since the beginnings of the Trump administration. While serving as an unpaid advisor to President Donald Trump, Icahn submitted a proposal to change the point of blending under the RFS away from refiners and further down the supply chain.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.