Growing Safely – Tractor Safety

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tractor safetyContinuing with Ag Safety Week, in today’s video, Growing Safely – Tractor Safety, A farmer shares the details of a near-fatal tractor rollover accident. Bill Field from Purdue University shares tips to help avoid these types of incidents.

Tractor Safety on the Farm

Farming is one of America’s most dangerous occupations. Tractor roll overs were the leading cause of death. The most effective way to prevent tractor overturn deaths is the use of Roll-Over Protection Structures.

Remember one seat, one rider. It takes just a second for a child to fall off of or under a tractor.

Farm Equipment Safety (.pdf)
Tractor Safety Field Notes and Road Rules (.pdf)
No Rider Policy (.pdf)
Power take-off two chances (.pdf)
PTO Safety for Adults (.pdf)
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PTO Safety Tips (.pdf)
Tractor Roll-Over Safety (.pdf)