Child Safety on the Farm

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Agricultural Safety Awareness Week-Youth Safety on the Farm

Texas farmer Heather Dineen bravely shares how she lost a child to a farming accident. Tracy Schlater of Farm Safety for Just Kids provides tips to keep children safe on the farm.

Agricultural Safety Awareness Week-Youth Safety on the Farm

Farms can be a fun place to grow up or visit, but a farm is also a place of work, with machinery and livestock that can be dangerous.

Children have to learn how to be safe, just as they have to learn to walk. Parents need to determine appropriate jobs for their children based on their age, provide detailed instructions and be an example.

Farm safety is important to all farm families and those who visit the farm. Make farm safety a priority for your children and guide them on a path to becoming a safety-conscious farmer in the future. Remember “Farm Safety is No Accident.”

Check out this farm safety material:

Agritourism Practices.pdf

Appropriate tasks for Kids.pdf

Farm Safety for Kids.pdf

Farm Safety of Children and Families.pdf

Hearing Safety.pdf

Heat Stress.pdf

Slips Trips and Falls.pdf

Hand Signals for Use in Agriculture.pdf

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