Growing Matters: Implementing Pollinator Protection Practices

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The 2022 BeSure campaign from the Growing Matters Coalition is once again helping to support the implementation of practices focused on pollinator protection. “Pollinators have obviously taken a lead in the industry and how we can protect and steward that resource. This campaign is looking at how can we promote awareness for applications and protect pollinator safety out there,” said Jeff Marvin, Senior Director of Research and Development for PBI Gordon.

Protecting bees and other pollinators is an important consideration for growers and applicators addressing issues of weeds, pests, and diseases. Reading and following label directions is a cornerstone of pollinator protection. Label use instructions provide important information on how to minimize any potential negative impacts on pollinators. Marvin explained that labels can include things pertaining to environmental conditions such as wind speeds. “If it sets a maximum wind speed, say 10 to 15 miles per hour, make sure you’re at or below that. If you’re exceeding that, the chance of that wind moving an application off-target is greatly increased,” said Marvin.

Daily temperatures also factor into application decisions. Many labels will note what temperatures that materials may volatilize at, posing a potential risk to pollinators. “When that happens, when they do volatilize and they do move up into the air, you then run the risk of moving that application off-target and impacting pollinator health,” Marvin explained.

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This was a message from the BeSure campaign brought to you by the Growing Matters Coalition, an initiative reminding farmers and applicators to follow stewardship best practices to protect pollinators and other wildlife. Visit for more information.