Growing Lavender for a Bountiful Harvest

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Cathy Isom gives you a few of the tricks to growing Lavender for a bountiful harvest. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Growing Lavender for a Bountiful Harvest

There are a few key elements to successfully growing lavender. It wants lots of heat and sun, not too much water, tons of space to spread out, and lean soil.

Lavender is divided into five main groups: English, French, Hybrids, Egyptian, and Spanish. Each group is unique in their growing and climate requirements, so pick the variety that’s best suited for your garden and needs.

Lavender is a sun worshiper and appreciates full sun in areas with good air circulation. Give it at least 6 hours of light a day. If you want to try lavender, but have a slightly colder climate, try placing your plants near a southern-facing stone wall and put stone mulch or rocks around your plants to trap heat. 

Well-drained soil is a must for lavender. You can add sand or small rocks to your soil if you live in an area with heavy clay.

Raised beds are advantageous when growing lavender as they provide good drainage and air circulation.

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Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay