Growers Still Facing Water Issues

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A backhoe removes a 12-year-old Valencia orange tree at a Kern County grove owned by John Gless, left. The 60-acre citrus grove was pulled out because of diminished water availability. Photo/Cecilia Parsons

More trees like this Valencia grove from last year will be removed due to water availability. Photo/Cecilia Parsons

The increases seen in the top California crop reports are of course good news for the ag industry, but citrus leaders say the drought is still taking its toll across the state.

Growers Still Facing Water Issues

Producers across the state are still facing tough times when it comes to water. California Citrus Mutual Director of Public Affairs Alyssa Houtby says they expect somewhere around 15,000 acres of citrus to be removed due to lack of water, and most growers are still feeling the pinch.