Growers Have New ‘One-Two Punch’ for Almond Bloom

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Almond growers have a new fungicide tool available that can help mitigate a variety of diseases. The material can also address issues of resistance as part of an integrated pest management program. BASF Technical Service Representative Dr. Kevin Caffrey said Cevya fungicide now adds another element to crop protection for almond growers.

“The launch of Cevya fully compliments our current Merivon fungicide. Merivon is a Group 7 11. It still fits the bloom timing and some of the summer timings for both fantastic disease control, broad-spectrum activity, and the plant health benefits that we’ve seen for both yield and stress reduction,” said Caffrey. “Cevya comes in with a completely different FRAC group. So, you’re truly rotating your FRAC groups and lessening the potential resistance, but still having fantastic activity on the spring complex whether it’s scab, shothole, rust, and also alternaria for your summer disease. They 100 percent complement each other and to be honest, this is a one-two punch for almond growers.”