Grower Stresses Trust in H-2A Implementation

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trustH-2A guestworker program use is increasing rapidly in California but current users stress trust when considering the program. At the Sustainable Ag Expo in San Luis Obispo, Jackson Family Wines Vineyard Manager Bart Haycraft talked on a panel about how they use H-2A labor. He said his operation is fortunate because he already had housing on location. “So we just needed to make some minor adjustments to accommodate the H-2A crews and meet the requirements,” Haycraft said.

That wasn’t the most important part though according to Haycraft. Using a trusted third-party to find the right caliber of workers from Mexico is critical. “It’s paramount to the program to has someone ethical to recruit the talent and bring that back to you,” Haycraft warned.

Grower Stresses Trust in H-2A Implementation

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