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Grow Your Own Mushrooms

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grow mushroomsCathy Isom lets us know how mushrooms are an easy, vitamin-packed food you can grow at home. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

One of the easiest “grow it yourself” foods is the mushroom. There are several varieties, in fact, that can be grown at home. And why not? They are packed with B vitamins and protein and they taste great and can be used in several culinary creations!

fresh shiitake mushrooms on a rustic wood tableShiitake (pictured at left) is a favorite. It is also highly regarded as an anti-cancerous mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are a good foraging mushrooms – can be grown on logs, sawdust or coffee grounds. They get their name based on looks – but do have a slight fishy smell about them.

Chicken of the Woods is another mushroom with chicken-like tasted textures and can be grown easily in the backyard.

Other mushroom varieties you should consider include:  Wine Caps. Lion’s Mane, Portobello, and White Button Mushrooms – which are the most common of edible mushrooms.

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